ABC's 2012-2013 TV Season Finale Dates Announced

Hey gang, if you were curious as to when what ABC TV series might be coming to a close, it looks like May is primarily the month closes shop for the 2012-2013 TV season.

For me, I'm focused on the closing dates for Revenge, Castle, & Grey's Anatomy.  Check it out and see when your favorite series is ending:

via press release:

March 27 - The Neighbors
April 17 - Suburgatory (special one-hour finale)
May 2 - Wife Swap
May 5 - Red Widow
May 7 - Splash
May 12Once Upon A Time
May 12 - Revenge (special two-hour finale)
May 13 - Castle
May 16Grey's Anatomy
May 16 - Scandal
May 17 - Shark Tank
May 19 - America's Funniest Home Videos
May 20 - Dancing With The Stars (performance show)
May 21 - Dancing With the Stars (two hour results show)
May 22 - The Middle
May 22 - Modern Family
May 22 - Nashville
May 28 - Body Of Proof


  1. Thank you for sharing the finale dates for all of these shows! I'm looking forward to all of them, and luckily I won't miss any of them either! With my work schedule at DISH I can't ever watch any of these shows live, but luckily my DVR always has me covered. I have it set on my DISH Hopper where all of the primetime shows on ABC record automatically for me each night, so thankfully I won't have to worry about missing a moment of any of these finales; I can't wait!

  2. Check it out folks: DISH has their people leaving information SPAM comments in various websites... a distinct sign of a HIGH QUALITY company, who feels they need to SPAM websites in the comments. Normally, I spam them out, but what the heck, I think I'll just leave them as is so you can see the bulls*! practices DISH pulls.

    Thanks for the example "Lily!"


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