News for True Blood, Game of Thrones, Arrow-like Shows, and The Walking Dead

David Morrisey as The Governor in "The Walking Dead"

With Game of Thrones starting up this Sunday, it has people wondering when another popular HBO series... True Blood is starting up.

HBO has now announced that date...

The sixth season of True Blood will be premiering on June 16th.


Speaking of Game of Thrones, I caught a piece over on Entertainment Weekly saying we won't see so much of Peter Dinklage in this upcoming third season of GoT.

Dinklage plays one of my favorite characters from the series, Tyrion.  He almost makes the show for me.  But news is that with so many story lines that were shoved in our faces last season, has seemed to make it necessary to cut back on other story lines.  Tyrioin is one of them.

According to Dinklage, he's had fewer days of shooting.



Over on, they put up a piece that suggested a list of ten superheroes that deserve what they call the "Arrow treatment" on TV.

The "Arrow treatment" refers to how the production can take a super hero like Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) or Clark Kent in Smallville, and create a more down-to-earth character that has the same powers or abilities, and put them in real-world settings, but with some decent dramatic stories.  They do the same for their enemies or nemesis.

In other words, they write good stories centered around the characters, and other supporting characters from the franchise.  Smallville lasted ten seasons and Arrow is going like gangbusters for The CW.

Blastr tossed out ten different characters that could get the treatment, but I don't agree with some of them.  The list includes The Question, The Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Mr. Terrific, Jonah Hex, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and the Punisher.

Admittedly, we're talking about toned down characters, so possibly modified versions would work.  But I found Daredevil and The Blue Beetle the more appealing of the ten names.  Appealing as in what I think might be more doable in a toned down production.

I can't see how Booster, Terrific, Hex, Cage, Fist, Marvel or Punisher could tone down enough to have the Arrow treatment.  But the Daredevil and Blue Beetle options do seem appealing.  And yet, if I do dwell on it, if they approach any of these characters like they did with Clark Kent, I presume they're all doable.

Contradictory as these opinions seem.  I could see Daredevil developing against the challenges of his accidental handicap and how his public persona would be the perfect cover for his night time hobby.

Blue Beetle, I could see the classic conflict between him and his armor, like a crazy split-personality issue.

You should go check out the piece on Blastr.  See what they have to say about their options.


In the upcoming season finale of The Walking Dead, Rick and gang faces off against the Governor and his gang of militants.

And in a quickie piece over the Rolling Stone, the man who plays Rick, Andrew Lincoln, spilled a tiny spoiler on the episode.

If you think body counts are a spoiler, then this is where you might want to leave...





In the article, Andrew says that the body count hits twenty-seven.  Dang...  I'm presuming or hoping that all of those come from Woodbury, but hey, stay calm and expect the unexpected.  Just in case.