"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Looks Doomed, Has the Dark Side Won?

First word on the street was that Disney would be picking up any kind of production for the continuing adventures from Star Wars: The Clone Wars from Cartoon Network.  It made sense to take the very popular animated series and pull it in, under the same production umbrella.

It least it did then.

But it seems that Disney buying up Star Wars was any good for the Clone Wars project.

Seems that Disney is reassigning and laying off staff from the production of this great animated series, which makes the future not look so bright.

In fact GFR is reporting that the future of Lucasfilm Animation is pretty uncertain.

There's some kind of hope on the horizon that there might be some content with 2 story arcs, but if there's a layoff and cancellation, I'm not sure when they'll be presented, or how.

Wow, to be behind a strong franchise bookmark like The Clone Wars and then be let go.  That's something.

What I mean by bookmark is that this series was like holding a spot for fans to enjoy the franchise and keep it alive in some fashion.  Like a night light keeping the dark away just enough.

But apparently it's done its job and they're done with it.  It's now become a victim of reorientation and moving forward towards sequel-related work.


If you feel strongly about this, TheForce.Net is suggesting you write Bob Iger at Disney,

Bob Iger
Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

That might be a bit lofty of a goal... or Save The Clone Wars website has a few suggestions also, over at save the clone wars.
 by BeS