'The Biggest Loser' Season 14 Winner Was...

The 14th season of The Biggest Loser came down to Jackson, Jeff and Danni in the final weigh-off of the season.

Everyone looked wonderful compared to not only their original appearance, but just in general.

The 2-hour season finale had a lot of filler content, but for the fan of the show, that wasn't an issue at all.

First up, was the battle of the ejected contestants from throughout the season.  Or, the "At Home" contestants.

After all was said and done, Gina won the "At Home" continuing weight loss contest, having lost 46.1% of her initial weight.  (Actually, kudos to everyone, they all win because right now, they're all much healthier than when they started out.)

Loser Start End Lost Percent
Pam 237 166 71 29.96%
Nathan 359 260 99 27.58%
Alex 240 156 84 35.00%
Francine 267 172 95 35.58%
TC 376 266 110 29.26%
Michael 444 308 136 30.63%
Cate 237 173 64 27.00%
Lisa 246 138 108 43.90%
David 307 205 102 33.22%
Gina 245 132 113 46.12% < At Home Winner
Joe 364 217 147 40.38%

But in the end, betwen our three finalists, Danni rocked the both by barely edging out Jeff with a total body weight loss of 46.90%.  Look at the chart below and you'll see what I mean by edging out.  It was close!

Loser Start End Lost Percent
Jackson 328 190 138 42.07%
Jeff 388 207 181 46.65%
Danni 258 137 121 46.90%


For the detractors:

Yes, the weight loss we see during The Biggest Loser is unrealistically achieved because no "regular Joe" has the kind of time or assistance to work at this kind of lifestyle change.

But many of the contestants in the show who went home, got their family members involved and we saw reports of how much weight they lost at home too.

The bottom line, lifestyle changes in how one approaches their diet and some form or regime of exercise can help reduce health-threatening conditions for anyone.