'The Voice' Returned For Season 4 With Some Heart-Jerking Stories


The Voice returned for its fourth season.  New judges Shakira and Usher were the new blood on the panel, though I found myself missing some attributes of Ceelo.

The premiere had all four judges singing a song, which I love, since it shows off their chops.  (Or hip slinging in Shakira's case)

And they got right down to it.

Between Blake, Adam and Shakira, the ribbing and jesting continue.  It's great to see.  Usher on the other hand, seemed like Cool Hand Luke, a bit aloof mostly, looking cool and distant (but not in a bad way, just the cool way).

Regardless, some of the contestants had some pretty powerful,  heart-rending stories.  But the judges never hear these stories.  These are blind auditions, where the judges face away from the contestants as they sing.  No appearances will or should influence their decisions to choose a singer for their teams.

The singing was good, and despite some sad stories, some went home.

This is the same Voice of previous seasons, just with new blood.  We'll see how it goes and if Shakira's team gets filled with all men!!!  LOL.