TV News: Milton from "Walking Dead," TV Ratings, and "Bachelor Pad" update.

I'm confused, or should this be a spoiler?

The man who plays Milton on The Walking Dead, Dallas Roberts, has joined the cast of the CBS drama, Unforgettable, as a detective.

Yes, the show is returning for a 13-episode run.  No, no word on what this implies for Milton from The Walking Dead.  Unless that story line wraps up and Milton goes away with it.  Or he's double timing it and working extremely hard?

Milton is coming into his own there and I would not mind if he came around at the last second, over there in Woodbury.  At least that's what I'm thinking.


Blue Bloods had a good week last week and hit their season high in the all-important 18-49 Nielsen demographic.  Their numbers jumped 21 percent from the previous week.  I've never checked the show out regularly, but what little I have seen was always good.  And for someone to check in sporadically to find good episodes each time, is a pretty decent sign...well, that and it's still on the air!


But on the flip side, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory ratings dipped.

American Idol, I get.  No matter what they do, it's the same old AI with a few tweaks to attempt to make it better.  Grey's Anatomy actually had a pretty decent background story going on where Seattle Grace was up for sale, threatening the closure of the hospital.  How each character reacted or dealt with this situation was pretty interesting, and the resolution, ever-evolving as it is, seems fascinating, to say the least.

Supposedly daylight savings is to blame, but I have a hard time with that.  TV is TV and fans will tune in, regardless.  Well, I do.


Shocking as it seems, ABC won't be producing a new Whor...  Bachelor Pad series for the summer, per showrunner of the hook-up reality series.  I always found it entertaining how much of a grey area the show would tread into with their "relationship" encounters that could change up from week to week.  Then again, most of these Bachelor alumni hit up all the functions and cruises and already have some kind of relationship or had hook ups, or at least that's what I've seen suggested elsewhere on the web.  (Old news from a few years ago)  And of course, the web never lies!