News Bits on Alec Baldwin, New A&E Murder Series, and Cary Grant!

Did you know that Alec Baldwin is negotiating to possibly become the host of NBC's Late Night Show?

I think that would be pretty awesome, as far as light night hosts go.

And as we all know, they will be needing to replace Jimmy Fallon since he's moving on to host The Tonight Show in 2014.


A & E Getting in on the Danish Action!

Looks like A&E is ordering up a drama titled Those that Kill, which is based off a Danish Crime series.

If you recall or know...  AMC had a huge hit on their hands with The Killing, also, another Danish series.  But AMC blew it bad when they drew out the season one murder into a two-season event, and that second season felt like one drawn out tale of nothing!  (They had tons of filler to get to the reveal.)


The Killing is coming back for a third season and the murder and its resolution will be contained to within one season!  Thank you AMC.  I mean, seriously, take notes from the Danish version which is a huge hit!


If anyone is a Cary Grant fan but you haven't started collecing his movie work, Fox is putting out a DVD titled "The
Cary Grant Film Collection", which hit streets this week. (Link leads to Amazon sales page for product)