The Bachelorette with Desiree - Nothing New, with The Usual "Surprises!"

Well, we watched the latest newest season premiere of ABC's The Bachelorette, starring Desiree as their new girl in waiting.  This, like many other seasons before it, has the usual assortment of noise.

We have the rags to ABC-provided riches story for the girl, Desiree.  Which they remind viewers of every chance they get.

We have (well, had) twenty-five guys who seem like they shouldn't need an ego-driven live studio filming experience to get a girl.

And we have some of the usual nut cases.

I can't believe a few of the guys Desiree gave roses to. 

OK, here's a bonkers guy, who gets very little face time chatting with her, shows up shirtless for the night, throws himself into the pool just to be cool or different and she gives him a rose???

At least she dissed the creep who seemed way too focused on going straight to the fantasy suite with him.  Man, he needs to sign up for that Ashely Madison site and get that out of his system!

That's when I start pondering just how un-scripted this show is.  I mean, supposedly they psych screen rather heavily and do background checks, and somehow, mysteriously, these cheaters and nut balls still get on the show.

I'm just saying.

Of course the previews for the upcoming season show what APPEAR to be fisticuffs action, and the standard with every season, where someone has a girlfriend.

But this is a special kind of usual drama.


In this case, in the third episode of the season the ex-girlfriend shows up. Or is the ex, now.

She's a single mom by the name of Stephanie Larimore.  And if you are a Playboy Magazine "historian," or expert, yes, she was Playmate of the month from June 2006.  Apparently she's also dated a previous Bachelorette game-show contestant, Craig Robinson.

Is there some "line" these headline hunting women get into to be in these folks lives?  Just saying.

Any how, you'll see how it plays out in the ep, as "shocking" as it might be.  Or not.

And yes, Desiree looks pretty spiffy-hot in the ABC provided wardrobe.  As a guy reviewing / watching the show, I did notice that.

[Reality Steve]