'Hesher,' An Oddball Movie That's Hard to Turn Off

Movie review of HESHER, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Hesher is a peculiar story about a boy, T.J. (played by Devin Brochu) who is a wee bit of a milk toast, with a milk toast of a father, played by Rainn Wilson.

Milk toast might be a bit of a strong word to use.  They're dealing with the loss of T.J.'s mother and while everyone is spiraling out of control, T.J. is loosing touch with his dad.  And on top of it all, gramdma (Piper Laurie) lives with them.
One of the oddest roles I've ever seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in, is that of Hesher.  As if life isn't hard enough for these folks, along comes Hesher. Literally.  He just walks into their house out of nowhere, plops down on the couch, starts eating dinner with them and makes himself at home.  

Yet, in the oddest, round-about way, Hesher attempts to help the boy become more of a man.  No matter how traumatic or confusing it may seem.  Again, it's all on Hesher's terms.  Those terms aren't always the friendliest.

Without saying too much more on the story, because literally, it's best experienced as one surprise or shock after another, and Gordon-Levitt yet again, delivers a unique character.  Brochu is the perfect casting for the lost soul of T.J. as is Wilson for his dad.  Wilson is superb at portraying lost characters.

And let's not forget a somewhat integral piece to the entire puzzle, and that's Natalie Portman, a potential love interest.  Or at least, that's what T.J. dreams of.

If you have some time and see this come up on a cable channel, give it a try.  It's weird enough to be entertaining as you keep watching to see what the hell Hesher is going to do to this broken family next.  And does he succeed in helping out or not?  You'll have to find out on yor own.

I've skipped past my popcorn movie scale and give Hesher a 7 on Cinema Static's dramatic scale.

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