Is This 'Man of Steel,' Dark Knight Easter Egg Really That Awesome?

Word on the street is that there will be a tiny franchise cross-over when Man of Steel comes to theaters this month, on June 14th.

SPOILER???  Possibly, if you're hyper-critical about things.  Or just don't want to know anything before entering the movie theater.  (Good luck on that one!)

It seems that when there's a satellite that General Zod will be destroying.  (For whatever reason.  He's evil, he'll be destroying lots of things.)  There will be a Wayne Enterprises company logo on that satellite.

Wow.  The implications are beyond rational thought!  (Just fooling.  It seems rather ho-hum of an Easter egg actually, but I'm guessing fans will take what they can!)


Now Collider is pretty excited about this tiny, exploding moment and calls this an "awesome" Easter egg.  I guess what ever gets the readership.  Can't knock that, though I... well any way.

I've been expecting more of a crossover than that, but that's just me, wondering about that A-bomb explosion at the end of the last Dark Knight movie, seeing Batman flying "the bat" out to the ocean, then boom.  But then there are the other tell-tale hints of confusion... with Lucius Fox finding out the auto-pilot software had been fixed, etc., etc.. 

I mean, like when R2-D2 floated through the view screen of the Enterprise in the first Abrams Star Trek movie, now that's what I'm talking about when it comes to Easter eggs!