The 12th 'Doctor Who' Will Be...?

I'm finding it a bit amusing, all the conjecture and traffic netting entries going into slapping out guesses on who the next, or twelfth Doctor Who will be, come this Christmas.

Maybe my brains aren't serving me right, but didn't Matt Smith, despite all the guessing, come out of left field last time?

And everyone hated this new selection.

I'm not going to waste too much time on this issues, but I do have some observations of no import on the issue:

If available, Chiwetel Ejiofor.  Love this man's work, but not likely.

Anyone whose been in the industry too long, may not be affordable by the BBC.

Anyone who looks normal might not be in the running either.  I mean, in the last few Doctors, we've had tallish looking heads, no round faces, if you think about it.  So scrap the model-looking folks.

HA!  Hugh Laurie! Not affordable, but I'd love to see a Dr. Who channeling Doctor House!  Oh, the Doctor would be way to pragmatic.

Colin Morgan of Merlin fame.  Yes, he's said he's not interested, and maybe he knows something at what I was hinting at in an earlier piece about wth is up with working for the Who franchise?  Or, how often have we seen press snippets be total lies to keep fans on their toes?

Just sayin'.

But what I do know is that I've enjoyed the younger man play the role of an ancient Time Lord, so I'd have a tough time reverting back to watching an older guy (or woman) play the part.

Hmm, who played Rory last season?  Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Here is the absolute known fact about who will be playing the 12th Doctor Who:  We will know no later than when the holiday episode airs.  And we'll probably know sooner as Doctor Who goes into production in the fall, and they line up their eggs in a row and get everyone signed.

So the next really big question about Doctor Who is, this:  How long will this one last?  1 year? 2, 3?  Or only as long as the contract they sign states?  (That's my guess.)