The Best Ever, (Spoiler Filled) Movie Recap/Review of 'After Earth'

There are times we all love to think we're pretty snarky/funny.  Even me, believe it or not.  But I suck at it.  I toss out one-liners here and there.  But still, it takes an innate talent to be downright funny while being sarcastic.

And I found my new hero, Rob Bricken.

Rob pulls together a recap (peppered with opinions, making it a movie review) of After Earth that is hilarious to read.

Admittedly, I did not go see the movie, but after seeing news, reports and reviews on the movie, it's crashing as hard as pieces of Will Smith's spaceship or the Enterprise in the above header image. 

AE has a 4.6/10 on IMDb and  (Holy S***!....  Did you know that Will Smith produced and wrote the "story" for After Earth?  LMAO, no wonder he starred in it!  And he has an AE 2 script optioned!  Yea, if that actually happens, I'd be surprised.)

So as it stands, Rob pulls together a great reflection on events from the story of the "crashed to Earth" movie, and it had me laughing, even if I didn't see the movie!

Now, I don't have to go see it!  I can wait until FX airs it on TV... if they even offered up the rights monies on this bad boy!  Now if Disney get the message and would quit blasting my Angry Birds: Star Wars app with After Earth movie trailers, all would be close to right, once again.

So why the Star Trek image?  Because I envision that's how the box office performance of After Earth might look like today and weeks to come.

Here's that SPOILER Filled review, for those interested, on I09.

- Bruce