A Recommended 'Comic-Con' Survival List!

A Comic-Con short survival list
So you are either at or headed to Comic-Con.  You have big plans to get around the town, see the floor displays, and get into some panels.

But are you ready for the panels?  Or the booths and stuff on the floor?

First up, CA has been spreading plastic bag bans over the last year or so.  I'm not sure if San Diego has adopted this practice.  BUT you might want to be prepared just in case.  The other weekend I was at a marathon expo in San Francisco and no vendor could sell you stuff and give you a plastic bag.  The plastic bag ban really messed with buying things and being able to carry them around.

Be ready... just in case.  Besides, it can never hurt to have an extra backpack or bag on your person for all the goodies you'll be buying on the floor, or swag you might get from the panels.

Panels:  If you have hopes to get into a pretty popular panel, you might need to get there a panel or two earlier so that between panels, you can slide up a few rows or even sections, to get closer to your favorite stars.

But if you do that, you might want to consider some trail mix, snack bars or what have you, and some water bottles.

That's my biggest recommendations for Comic-Con attendance.

Other thoughts: 

Sun screen for when you have to stand around in panel lines that go outside. 

Extra battery for your camera and/or your phone or

A wall charger for moments you are near an outlet.  (There outlets to be had around the place, if you look carefully.)

They do have a Wi-Fi up and running, (or have in past years) if you bring a laptop.  Or even to hook into with your smartphone.  That saves bandwidth on the phone is the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to make it worth your while.

Check the weather forecast and be prepared!  (As if it will change much from day to day.)

I'm sure there are many more suggestions out there, but that's my short list I consider important.

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