'Big Brother' 15 Eviction Episode Recap, Thurs., 7-18-13

Tonight's Big Brother episode seemed pretty sedate compared to previous eps and weeks.  But here we go.

Because Jeremy is a "beast in competitions," Helen seems focused on getting him out of the house.  That and the annoying perspective that no one takes Aaryn seriously any more, that they're not too worried about her.

Think about it.  Those that are looked over or not considered threats sometimes come back into power.


"Jeremy is being discriminated against because he's a winner."  Aaryn, Jul  18, 2013.

Jeremy wore a baby outfit to make house guests think he's not a threat.  (Um, yea, a baby with tattoos.)

And so his campaign to stay begun.


Want to hear something funny... Aaryn's campaign is trying to convince people she's a good and fun person.

Then we hear her say how hard it is to be nice to everyone.


The gang decides to mess with GinaMaria and hide Nick's cap that she's been praying to or whatever.  She began to cry when it went missing.


After half an hour (that felt like an hour), eviction voting time came up.

Candice voted for Jeremy
Andy - Jeremy
Howard - Jeremy
Elissa - Jeremy
Kaitlin - Spencer
GinaMarie - Jeremy (Surprise vote from her!)
Amanda - Jeremy
(Jeremy's fate is sealed at this point in the voting process.)
McCrae - Jeremy
Jesse - Jeremy
Judd - Jeremy

Ouch, 9 to 1, Jeremy is out the door.  ("Oh god, more grieving "spouses.")


Next week's eviction panel, the viewers can pick the third nominee on the bubble.  Now we're talking.  Even if Aaryn slides past the nominations next week, I'm betting America will put her ass up on the block.


The HoH competition was a questionnaire kind of test.  They're asked a quesiton, and asked to choose between two contestants, who most likely the question represent.

Andy, Amanda, Candice and Ellisa were the first to fall out in a single round.

In the end, after several rounds of questions, with a tiebreaker setting the next Head of Household to Judd!

Helen and gang seemed pretty happy.

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