'Big Brother' 15 Quickie Recap for Wed., 7-24-13

The game is afoot in Wednesday night's Big Brother episode. 

Elissa is messing with people's heads, acting coy.  Meanwhile, the rest of the herded house sheep are plotting their usual schemes to get someone evicted.

If one steps back, and look at this, this is nothing but a bunch of people stuffed in a house, with the occasional game inserted by CBS to keep them busy and the TV audience entertained.  In the end, everything they do is the basic break down of humanity pursuing that golden nugget at the end of the short number of weeks they're locked away together.

This is humanity, at it's basic core.  Scary, huh?

Then the house guests were apprised about the "MVP," being that America has voted Elissa up.  What the hell America?  The house didn't know that America is the MPV this week.

The beautiful part is some folks think Elissa voted herself up.

Now for the Power of Veto game.  It involves a lot of mud, some teaser money, and other things.  Yes, the pretty girls in mud.  You do the male math!

In the end, Elissa won the Power of Veto.  But in so doing, she's also agreed to not play in next week's veto competition.  Hopefully that doesn't bite her in the end next week.

And Judd sacrificed himself to be isolated in a room for 24 hours... with an alarm going off every 9 minutes.

Here's an interesting aspect:  In one scene, we're looking down into the bathroom.  LOOKING DOWN INTO THE BATHROOM.  Seriously CBS?  There should never even be an inkling of an idea that you can look into the bathroom.  Yikes!

Oh, they were looking in on Kaitlin who was traumatized that Elissa spoke her mind about her one-piece dominatrix suit, and it wasn't complimentary.


So Elissa used the PoV on herself, then the "MVP" put up GinaMarie in her place.

So this means that GinaMarie, Kaitline and Aaryn are up for eviction.

Next time Gang!
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