'Big Brother' 15 Quickie Recap, Thurs, 7-25, A Huge Twist of a Development

So as you know, Big Brother had America be the MVP for the week and tallies ended up putting Elissa up on the block.  But she won PoV and pulled herself off the block, sending the yogurt guzzling GinaMarie up on the block with Aaryn and Kaitlin.

The usual round of begging and cajoling was taking place in Judd's HoH room in the first part of the episode.

Aaryn overheard Elissa telling Kaitlin things, and Aaryn ended up having an impromptu house meeting.  In that meeting we did notice that Elissa fibbed it up a bit.  OK...  votes come up...

Amanda voted to evict Kaitlin

McCrae - Kaitlin

Helen - Kaitlin

Candice - Kaitlin

Elissa - Kaitlin

Spencer - Kaitlin

Howard - Kaitlin

Andy - Kaitlin

Jesse - Kaitlin


That was an amazing unanimous vote from the house.  That's an impressive show of unity.  Kaitlin seemed agitated in her interview with Julie Chen and admitted to aligning with caddy girls.

The Head of Household contest involved rolling a ball down a ramp and landing on a rolling roulette table, high score gets the house.

And everyone's worst nightmare just came true, and that evil *****, Aaryn, won Head of Household.

Wow...  That's funny... and no one wanted to vote her out because she wasn't a threat, even though they all hate or despise her.  (Didn't she promise to throw this HoH competition???)

And this upcoming week, America is once again the MVP...  Be careful how you vote this time around!

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