'Big Brother' 15 Recap of Ep 11, 7-21-13 (A Typical Ep)

In tonight's episode of Big Brother, Judd is now HoH in the Big Brother house.

The house mice are wondering what the upcoming twist is that Julie Chen warned them about last week.

There's plenty of concern over what Judd is going to do in regards with his eviction nominations.

We took a break from that noise and focused on GinaMarie's inability to user her words properly.

The "have not" competition involves eating a lot of frozen yogurt.  Ug.  But if you watched this, I must say that GinaMarie might have shown some latent expertise in an interesting talent.  And created an instant gut by doing so.  Impressive.

The orange team ONLY gained around 11 pounds in yogurt weight and became the "have nots" for this week.  This team consisted of Andy, Jessie, Spencer, and Candice.


Amanda is working hard on swaying Judd's mind on the eviction nominees.  And almost the entire episode was focused on everyone worrying or trying to convince Judd's decisions processe.

Oh, that and Howard trying Yoga with Elissa.  As he put it, "how hard can it be?"  LOL.

At the end of it all, Aaryn and Kaitlin (again) were nominated for eviction.  Judd's nomination speech was pretty straight forward, calling Aaryn a Texas Tornado.  She says she doesn't get it.

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