Gareth Edwards Talks up 'Godzilla'

io9 chatted up Godzilla director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) during SDCC 2013 on a few things about his present movie project.

As you may already know, Godzilla won't be the only monster "in the room," so to speak.  At least as we heard of the SDCC panel footage that attendees got to see a giant Kaiju attacking an airport, then Godzilla's foot came down next to it.  So he'll be huge.  Bigger than life huge.

We also know that Edwards is still approaching this movie as if it's another indie movie.  (If you saw Monsters, you know that's a good thing.)

We also know that star Bryan Cranston liked Godzilla as a kid because he was unapologetic.

In the io9 interview, Edwards reveals that they went through hundreds of designs of the big guy, and that the image rights holder, Toho, was signing off on their ideas.  And that the 1950's version of the beast was the real source to lean on for this latest design.

As far as if 'Zilla is our friend or enemy, Edwards said it's not black or white.  Rather, he made the point of saying that if you were standing there and saw this giant lizard come up on your location, would you feel like its a friend or foe coming your way?  Me, I'd feel rather nervous.

Edwards also tried to stick to some of the original themes from the 1954 movie.  He also noted that he tried to emphasize the theme of man versus nature throughout the film.  That Godzilla will be a representation of nature and how, underlying the nuclear age we live in, how nature can step back up and setting things right.

He also said it is an origins story.

So this could be what's deemed an environmentalist take on what people have done to our planet, and Godzilla is nature, stepping back up and stomping us in our place.  But rather than taking an eon of global warming, of species going extinct, of our soils being poisoned to the point of not being able to create sustainable food to eat, Godzilla can remind us in a day, not to f*! with nature.
Other bits I've seen is how character-centric this film will be, and that makes perfect sense.  In Edwards's movie, Monsters, we follow a few folks in the midst of an alien infestation, for lack of a better term!
This other note that caught my eye is that unlike the classic, where it was all humanity versus the lizard, and then through the years, the relationship evolved to the point of Godzilla being our protector, Edwards is seeming to take a route of here's the enemy, and he is us.  And then possibly, having the monster protect us from other monsters, or Kaiju. 

It's a quick leap for a reboot/origins film, but one that I suspect, might lend itself to a more reasonable ending that does not include killing the big green guy yet again!

Godzilla is due out in theaters on May 16th, 2014

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