Gareth Edwards Teases 'Godzilla' Coming to Comic-Con 2013

In case you had not seen this, director Gareth Edwards sent out a video teaser from the set of Godzilla, toying with us about the impending appearance of the big green lizard at the upcoming 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

As you can see from the lead-in image above, 'zilla is showing up as murals in and around San Diego already.

In the video below, he teases the new Godzilla viral site, which I've already pointed out to you in a previous post,

In fact, since the last post I put up about the viral site, they've added a new image.  Also in each image, a letter or two is highlighted in red.  So far we have... "s" "e" "r" and "i."  Updated 7-15-13: "z" "a" "w" "a."  I'm not quite sure where this is leading.  Some think it hints at Dr. Serizawa that they're spelling out.  Others think it's a mix up for the word 'rise.' Updated 7-15-13:  I guess it's Dr. Serizawa...

I guess the next clue or two will give it up.  Or by the time I get to Comic-Con, I'll see what it is.

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