Guillermo del Toro Talks 'Pacific Rim' Sequel, But...

Pacific Rim 2: Pacific Rim sequel news
OK folks, what Pacific Rim fans wanted to hear has hit the news headlines.  That being that Guillermo del Toro has been tasked by Warner Bros. to pen a script for a sequel to Pacific Rim.

Today, his ideas for inclusion into the sequel involve a Gipsy 2.0 and merging Kaiju with Jaegers.  He mentioned that because


when Gipsy broke through the barrier tunnel into the world that spawned the Kaiju, well, as he put it, parts and things stayed on the other side.

Director del Toro also touched on how one character drifted with a Kaiju brain, and that all Kaiju are hive-linked.


So them thar's the deets on what is called a Pacific Rim sequel.


Let's be pragmatic for a moment.

This movie cost just shy of $180M to make, according to estimates.  It's now made almost that back, via the worldwide box office.  (It's made $37M domestic) These numbers do not reflect marketing costs of a movie.  Another large yet mysterious amount.

Be it as it may, if it keeps making money, then I bet we are definitely a shoe-in for a sequel.

At the moment, I'm not holding my breath.

Just becuase someone's been asked to pen a script does not really mean anything until we hear about the studio scoping for locations, roles being cast and what not.  And even then, that's not a shoe-in until we hear that production has commenced.

Plus, I get so tired of hearing about how most movies have sequels lined up.  To me, it happens so often, I start to wonder if it's just a marketing ploy to make people think the first movie out is so good, it will be getting a sequel.  And that premise is what draws folks in to the theater to catch the first one.  Do you remember how Green Lantern had a "sequel" all lined up, before it even opened in theaters?  Gimme a break!

Any how...

I'd love to see a sequel to Pacific Rim.  Hell, even a prequel would be great because there's so much material to go on for it.

But for now, the good tidings and marketing spin is that a sequel is on their minds.

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