Joss Whedon/Marvel Might Be Changing Up Ultron's Origin!

Earlier the news came out that Ultron will be the nemesis of The Avengers in the sequel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This led many to believe that by having Ultron, that the movie franchise will finally be including Dr., Hank Pym, or, Ant-Man, since in the Marvel comic franchise, Pym was the brains behind creating Ultron.

But in a piece/interview with io9, they write that,

"this will be an Ultron whose origin story doesn't include Pym."


If that's the case, and Whedon isn't pulling our legs to keep the movie reporting world from going ape-sh** about any Ant-Man news, then this will be a break-away from how Marvel has handled their characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Or is it?

He does tell io9 that,

"We don't have to have him (Pym). It works very simply — this is Marvel cinema, not Marvel comics."
If you think about it, origins of their characters have stuck to what we know, so far.  But how things and situations develop within the Marvel world, has been changed up a bit.  But done so in a great and fluid fashion.

Events in the the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies were all jumbled up a bit to accommodate the telling of years of comic story in a two-hour time-span.  But then again, the bad guys have had altered origins in prior movies.

So there's that.

But what this does for Ant-Man fans is let a little hot air out of their idea of seeing Hank Pym or maybe even The Wasp in the Avengers sequel.

But with that said, will Ultron still father (build) The Vision?  There's been conjecture that Vin Diesel has been tapped to play The Vision, but then again, those guesses could be off too.

I guess time will tell.

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