My 'Under the Dome' Odd Experience with COMCAST On Demand

CBS's Under the Dome promo art
I had an interesting experience trying to watch Under the Dome, with my Comcast On Demand system.

This week (yesterday), I tried to pull up the Stephen King series.  I pulled up 'On Demand,' and they have an Under the Dome dedicated menu item on the first page.  So I went there but this week's newest episode wasn't listed.

Oh well.  Odd, but oh well.  Usually shows will appear in the 'On Demand' menu after midnight.

I went back looking for the latest episode today, (Wednesday), but it wasn't listed under the special menu location again.

On a lark, I backed out, hit up the 'TV Shows' menu item, then looked up under the 'U's' if the latest episode was there.

Glad I looked.  It was.  It's on under 'TV Shows' but not under the special menu item for the show.

So if you're looking for something to watch, and you see a special menu item for your show, but you don't see your latest episode... double check in the regular listings section.  As odd as it sounds, that's how I found the latest episode of Under the Dome on my Comcast service.

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