Possible Fix for Skipping Ads and Trailers on DVD Rentals

We all like renting movies, but with advertising being what it is, sometimes you rent a DVD where you find yourself stuck watching ads and trailers.  And I'm betting, like anyone else, you'd love to skip those annoyances.

It's not always about being patient, but in some cases, you might even get the full blown trailer for the very movie you rented, possibly totally blowing your viewing experience.  (That reminds me of some of the VoD offerings, that tend to advertise the show you just pulled up.  Duh.)

As one writer from Cinena Static's parent site, Brusimm discovered, Tim had to wade through just around 15 minutes of trailers and ads before his movie started.  That's just plain stupid.

After that event, Tim swore to never rent from Blockbuster again.  Though I don't blame Tim, there is the perspective that the distributor is the one who places these ads on the discs and not the rental resource.

Quite a few people chimed in on that subject. making it one of our more popular posts on the site.

Basically put, people do not like having ads forced on them after renting a DVD title.


Today I came across an interesting and unsubstantiated suggestion on how to get around these pesky ads and trailers renters come across.

The suggestion is that if you start seeing the ads, hit stop, stop, play.  Or stop, stop, stop, then play.

I don't know if this works or not, so I'd appreciate any input on the issue if anyone is inclined.

Though, to be thorough, I noticed that the source of my source seems to have pulled their post.  I wonder if someone disproved this lonely hope?

It would be nice if it did work, but I'm not holding my breath.

Comments on the source also suggest hitting the menu button to skip the ads/trailers, though others have noted that even that function is locked out at times.

Another suggestion was to hook up your laptop via an HDMI cable and play in VLC Media Player, since it's not beholden to the codecs enforced on DVD/BD players.

Any how, I thought it would be something to put out there just in case these ideas do work.

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