'The Flash' is Coming To The CW, via 'Arrow'

DC, WB and the CW are working together again to bring Flash to the small screen... that being the speedy guy in red, the Flash.


The CW, WB and DC have had a great relationship of late... after the 10-year run with Smallville, and all the characters from the DC world they introduced there, it seemed to be a launching point for DC into the world of TV.

After Smallville ended, Tom Welling went on his merry and private way, executive producting a cheerleading series that didn't last too many seasons.  Then the CW tried a few other shows in the process, including the Wonder Woman series that never got off the starting blocks.

Then Arrow came along, the writing was taken seriously, and we found ourselves with a new hero and a new show to follow.

Now the CW is going to have another DC hero in their programming ranks, with the Flash.

Flash TV Series from the CW, spinoff from Arrow episode

It looks like they'll be using an episode of Arrow to introduce the Flash, then he'll get his own series. (Much like how comics have cross-overs to get you to new titles.)  In fact, it would seem the two shows will have cross-over eps, from time to time where Barry Allen (the Flash) will show up.  Which means Flash will exist in this more realistic world setting that Arrow is set in.

Rumors say that there's still a Flash movie on the horizon that might see the light of day in 2016. But no one is stepping up and committing to that line.

The new show will be written by the same team that pumps out Arrow screenplays. 


And this is a great opportunity for the WB to grow some, and get their Justice League movie rolling, all the while building an audience in the much cheaper TV production realm.  It's almost a win/win situation if things pan out, like say, moving the same actors and their characters to the big screen.

This would make them stand out as unique, versus their struggles with looking like Marvel.


When Smallville was in power, Clark had meteor-powered adversaries.  This kept it as grounded as they could while still tossing true challenges at Clark.  Without the proper challenge, you don't worry for our hero.

With Arrow, he's human and anything he does comes from pure talent and muscle.  He can be harmed, he can be beaten, and can be shot.  We have something to always worry about.

But what vulnerability will the Flash have?  What will make us worry about his well-being?  Or will Flash be given the Smallville treatment, with just enough power to do good, but not enough power to be invulnerable to most attacks?  Will he actually have a suit, or will there be legal issues with showing the suit, like Smallville was hampered with?  So does this mean he'll run around in his regular clothes... like clark?


Coming from the same creative team behind Arrow, I suspect the show will have a fighting chance.  But I shudder because I remember that Flash series from the 90's and... I shudder.

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