'Big Brother 15' For a Thursday, 8-15 (Mis-communications)

The Big Brother game is afoot, is to keep Jessie in the dark that she's the true eviction target.  But folks like Helen are acting funny around her, and she suspects something is up!

When Jessie calls Helen on some things, it gets mildly ugly.  Jessie starts repeating things Helen told her, and Helen gets agitated about the truth being floated out there.  It's fun to watch Helen dance to duck the truth and do damage control on her own game.

After all is snarked and snapped, Jessie confirms she's this week's target.

Jessie says she heard it all listening to Aaryn.  Later, GinaMarie was saying what Jessie said and Aaryn seemed to take it all wrong and got mad at GinaMarie.  Then GinaMarie snapped and woke everyone up in the house to tell them they were fighting and what it was about.

Awesome communication error...

Now for the "live" Big Brother eviction vote...

Jessie's speech was decent, no angst.  Classy.
Spencer's speech was also decent and not like his last nasty speech.


Amanda voted for Jessie
McCrae    - Jessie
Aaryn     - Jessie
Helen     - Jessie
Elissa    - Jessie
GinaMarie - Jessie

(Seriously, those stupid little intros from Julie for each voter is getting pretty old.)

Jessie is out.  She made a classy exit.  And looked good doing it.


Head of Household competition called "Way off Broadway" where music pieces will represent games they've played.  They face off, two at a time.  Oy.  This is why I try not explaining these "great" games.

GinaMarie smite Helen in round one.
Spencer smite Elissa
McCrae eliminated GinaMarie
Aaryn eliminated Spencer.
McCrae eliminated himself, leaving Amanda.

Aaryn eliminated Amanda and Aaryn becomes the next HoH... again!


Julie makes a "game changing twist of the summer" announcement.  A Juror returns to the game.  Hmm.

That's that gang.

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