'Big Brother' 15 - Veto and TV MUTE Time, With Amanda in BUlly Mode

Tonight on Wednesday night's Big Brother episode, we have Aaryn and McCrae are up on the block.  Elissa, after nominating them, tells McCrae I hope you win the veto.

Amanda being ugly in Big Brother

Aaryn is devastated being on the other end of the nomination stick.  And is pouting in the Have-not room.  Boo, bummer, hoo!  Hey, I just made an original funny!!! 

When will house guests ever learn that when two people stop talking as a person walks by is a BIG CLUE of something up.

Speaking of...  Amanda walked by Elissa and GinaMarie, who did the "stop talking" thing.  Then Amanda tried going off the deep end... again.  As usual. Oh the surprising shock of it all.

The poor censors are so busy with her.



I'd rather scrath my ass than listen to that f*ing zingbot 3000 things.

But, being that it's super late at night when everyone was asleep, all the girls are standing aruond in their underwear, and things look considerably better with the TV muted.

The muted picture showed GinaMaria laughing her ass off.  The girls seemed more entertained than the guys.


THURSDAY's BIG BROTHER episode will air at 2:39 AM Friday morning in the Bay Area, due to local football coverage.  SET YOUR VCR, VOD or WHY (What Have You) machines!


Then it goes into the VETO competition with the baby and adult zingbot.


Yes, my mute button is still on, but I saw that the worse case scenario for some of the players happened.  Amanda won the Power of Veto.  (What ever happened to her never winning these things???)


Amanda went on another Amanda-bully rage.  Amanda said "Elissa is made of plastic.  Ziiing!"  She then went on a pretend rage, then, per her plan, Andy was going to go up and soothe Elissa, hoping he won't be put up.

Amanda's such a disgusting player.  She's almost as bad as zingbot.  Judd called her disgusting and vile.


Veto meeting time:  Amanda uses the PoV on McCrae... I know.  Shocking.  I wonder when he'll get it about her. (What's up with the 'ho heels at the PoV ceremony Amanda?)  Having not gotten her way, Amanda tells Elissa to "sit down trash."

What a PoS.

Elissa is (trying) not to take the bait.

So now it's Aaryn and Andy on the eviction bubble.

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