'Big Brother' Delayed Recap from Thursday (+ Spoilers for Sunday)

For those of you in the Bay Area, our version of Big Brother was eclipsed by a football game.  And no, I was not staying up until 2am to watch it.  So off to VoD I went today.

The episode recaps the noise from the last episode, including Amanda's ugly behavioral pattern.

So Amanda seems to continue her asinine behavior.  Gads, can't a studio light fall on her head and stop this horrible demonstration of ugly.  Please.

Amanda is a very ugly person at heart it would seem, if judging by her "game play" in the house.

Apparently there was very little going on...  we got an update on couples from previous seasons.

Rachel and Brendan are married.

Dani and Dominic are married.  Wow, someone got that wild child to settle down.

Jeff and Jordan are still together and Jeff has that chicken s*t mode and has not put a "ring on it" yet.

Observation:  Julie Chen has some serious heels on!  Wow!

House guest eviction time!
Judd voted to evict Aaryn

Spencer: Aaryn

GinaMarie: Aaryn

Amanda: Aaryn

McCrae: Aaryn

See ya Aaryn!


IN her exit interview with Julie, she called her on her racist and homo-phobic comments.  Aaryn said she does not remember saying those things, and the live audience cracked up laughing at her and that stupid statement.

In fact the audience cracked up on and off from things she said.

(What are the odds she's apologize her way back into her beauty pageant job?)

She seriously back-pedaled on her words earlier this season.  Damn, I smell a politician in the making.


Head of Household
contest involved moving plastic eggs through a maze of sorts, with the egg on the other side of a fence.  It's a finger dexterity test.

WHAT'S in STORE... they will televise who wins this HoH contest on Sunday night.  (But if you want to know who wins, and who gets nominated, look below.)

Next Thursday will be a double eviction episode.


Big Brother 15 Spoilers




GinaMarie wins the HoH, and she nominates Amanda and McCrae for eviction.

That means more of the ugliness from Amanda, I'm betting.
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