'Breaking Bad' Recap of "Buried"

Last week's episode of Breaking Bad showed us that Walt is the smoothest, most psychotic liar on the planet.  That Hank discovered his secret, that Walter truly wanted out of the business, and that Hank called Walter on his suspicion and Walter threatening him.

The episode starts off with someone finding the money that Jessie was lobbing out his car window last week.  Jessie is spacing out because he's found on a playground.

Breaking Bad - "Buried"  Hank talks to Skylar about Walt

Walter leaves Hank's place, straight out of last week's final scene. Hank calls Sky, meets her and asks her what she knows about Walter's side job, and it's here that she discovers that Walt's cancer is back.  Sky lawyers up, for "her own protection."  And stalls Hank, and plays him.  Basically, she's under the gun for money laundering, tax evasion, conspiracy and fraud.  At least she didn't cook or distribute the blue stuff!

Walter visits Saul, has his boys pick up the mound of money from storage, gives Saul his cut and Walter takes the money out to the desert to bury it. 

Two interesting moments here:  Saul suggests offing Hank, but crazy Walter gets upset at that idea, because "he's family."  He's seriously daft!  The other moment:

A Cinema Static BTW:  I believe where Walt's burying the money is the original cook site from the first season!

Hank played the sister card!  Boom!  He brought her to Skylar and they talked, then argued it out.  And now Sky's sister is putting it ALL together and how far back this whole travesty goes.  This is a game changer for Marie.  This is pitting family vs family now.

Breaking Bad - "Buried"  Walt's lottery ticket

Walt buried the money, memorized the lat and lon location, then bought a lottery ticket with those numbers.  Skylar says the best approach to this entire situation is to stay quiet.

And then there's Lydia.  (Mike should have offed her "last" season)

She meets with the meth competition, looking to improve their cooking processes for her overseas customers.  The competition says fluff off, and apparently she has hired some guys, with Todd at the lead, follow them out to the desert and take them out.

Breaking Bad - "Buried"  Lydia's carnage

She's delusional...  orders a hit, but doesn't want to see the carnage.  Then again, Walter doesn't seem to much farther off the mark than she is.

Hank is in a tough spot... he knows, but suspicions aren't enough.  He needs to collect the proof.  Because he thinks that once he tells his peers, he'll be fired.  And Sky won't talk.  That makes it even more complicated.

Jessie is in holding, getting questioned about his Robin Hood maneuver.  WTF!?  Is he seriously looking to end his freedom in the outside world?

But the episode ends with Hank getting the opportunity to question Jesse by himself.  Hmm.


So this is where the lines are being divided between the parties in Breaking Bad.  Hank and Marie are on one side, Walter and surprisingly, Skylar on the other.  Saul and Jessie... well, Saul is servicing his client and I'm not sure where Jessie will land.

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