Casting Notes for 'CSI' and 'The Following'

Here's some great news if you're fans of Marg Helgenberger or James McDaniel:

Marg Helgenberger will be returning to CBS's CSI for a one time reprise of her role as Catherine Willows.  This is happening for the show's 300th episode which will be airing on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

She played the role for 12 years (seasons) and then decided to up and live her life off of CSI.

I was bummed, but I'm not completely missing her.

= = =

Do you remember Lt. Arthur Fancy (James McDaniel) from N.Y.P.D. Blue  or the character he played on Detroit 1-8-7

Yep so do it and I liked the actor.  He's been busy off the small screen making movies of late, so that's cool.

Turns out that McDaniel has been cast as FBI agent Ken Phillips on Fox's hit series, The Following.

Phillips will be stepping in to take over the case from Agent Deb Parker, who got herself killed in the first season finale of The Following.

= = = = =

All great updates for TV casting!

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