Syfy's 'Invasion Roswell' - A Quick Review of Sorts

-Syfy channel's Invasion Roswell starts out quick... the aliens are attacking on all fronts and our stellar military heroes are trying to get an angle to defeating the mother ship.

But they can't pull it off.  The greys come waddling up, surrounding our heroes, then...  in a flash of blue light, the simulation is over.

a review of Invasion Roswell on Syfy

Our heroes, not quite young, are then told by their boss that their program is being shut down and they're being fired.

The team was part of a response team training for the possible return of the aliens who came to Roswell back in the day.

But the feds no longer think they're needed, and the program is disbanded.

The next day, aliens show up.

Picture, if you will, how the movie Independence Day started out.  AT this point, this is exactly how they played out the aliens showing up here on Earth.

Well, except in this case, the acting is severely flat.  I'd think it almost takes talent to act this bad, doesn't it?

Imagine, if you will, civilians walking along, looking up, seeing giant alien ships in the sky, and continuing to walk along, as if nothing else is going on.

Yep... even the government folk characters are about as bland, I mean, calm as ever as they report multiple alien ships over all the major countries.

Hell, even in the midst of the global invasion, the aliens make a point to go to one person's house and blow it up.  (And now we take a break from this planet invasion to blow up a single house!)

The cast of characters even has a guy who was previously abducted by aliens, is a little crazy and knows how to fly.

Yep, this movie seems to have borrowed directly from the Independence Day movie script to fill out the meat of the story and has become your standard Syfy style TV popcorn movie, with the standard schlock effects, sketchy writing, and thin characterizations.

That takes talent to take a good movie story and flatten it this way!


Invasion Roswell stars Greg Evigan and Denise Crosby, the only validity of acting in the movie, though to be honest, even Crosby seemed to be mailing in her performance.

This isn't an Asylum production, because it's not on their website.

But this movie is so bad that Syfy hasn't even put it on IMDb.  Neither have Evigan or Crosby.  They probably didn't want to see the horribly low user ratings the movie would get.

But hey, with enough beer and friends, Invasion Roswell could be another fun movie night.


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  1. I like bad "B" movies as much as the next guy but this was unwatchable, it was every bit as flat, bland and bad acting as written above. It was horrible, and to top it off using the aliens own crash landed craft to fly to mother ship, blow it up and all the other ships crash landed with extremely low budget effects. The old Japanese show Space Giants had better special effects ( for a video).

    1. Anon... Like I said... they sadly retooled INDEPENDENCE DAY! I don't blame them for NOT putting this movie in IMDb. LOL.

      What a cool flashback video! Awesome!

      Oh no. In my related videos, there's the clip of Johnny Sokko's Giant Robot sacrificing himself to save the Earth! That was a sad day indeed, back then!

  2. OK...BUT...WHo played "Dennis???"

  3. OK...BUT...WHo played "Dennis???"

  4. You know what's funny, the NBCUni page that supports the movie doesn't even have a 'credits' page for the movie.

  5. I just tried to watch "Invasion Roswell" a Syfy channel production.

    This film was so bad I couldn't even finish it. It's poor production quality, cheesy script, unoriginal plot (refried "Independence Day"), poor acting, awful special effects, and back lot production values made it unwatchable. I do not even understand why they even bothered to make this, and who would green light its production? Do they think Sci-fi fans are so stupid, geeky, and hungry for science fiction that we are willing to watch anything they will slap together?

    The Syfy channel doesn't even have the right to call themselves the Syfy channel. They hardly show any science fiction on it. Most of their programing is about monsters or ghosts. They should rename themselves the Superstition Channel, or "B" channel.

    Do any of their network execs know that science fiction is based on science, and good science fiction is based on good science? As a science fiction fan I really miss shows that give us the "what if's" of our future, with believable characters, and logical and creative story lines. There are so many great science fiction novels out there that have never been brought to the screen. I just wish the Syfy channel could live up to its name.

  6. Hey Joe, welcome to the culture shock of "Syfy, the Reality Years."

    To be honest, though true sci-fi fans loved and appreciated what Syfy (then called Sci-Fi) did for programming, there weren't enough fans to support the advertisers. They were losing money and the net, as it stood, was doomed for a dark destiny of non-programming.

    They hired a new guy to come in, take it over, and revitalize it. And despite the core sci-fi fan's dismay (much like your own), the switch up worked.

    They also promised that as they got Syfy back on track, they'd take the profits and put some of it back into good sci-fi.

    Sure, 75-95% of the programming is ghosts and reality programming, but this upcoming season, the network appears to have kept its word and has something close to 15 new sci-fi shows coming at us. (And some of them don't involve ghosts!)

    Though not in this early part of the season, I believe we'll be seeing some of this new content sometime next year.

    I AM NOT DEFENDING Syfy. I'm just tossing out some hope that there's still some sci-fi focus left in the network, while they cater to the younger and mind-muddled TV viewers that soak up reality TV.

    The landscape of Syfy is changing. But for them, their efforts are paying off as they start getting on the TV ratings board and competing with other nets. But that does leave the core fan like yourself and I, out of the picture for the most part.

    But I do hope for some good programming to come along and vindicate the loss of everything else we've suffered at the hands of Syfy, NBC/Comcast.

    Oh, the short of it: "I hear ya Joe!" And yes, these "original movies" are something frightening to behold. And sadly, look what happened with Sharknado. Sigh.


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