'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand Dies By Suicide Attempt

It's with sadness that I read the reports that Gia Allemand has died in a New Orleans hospital from what is being reported by several media outlets as a suicide by hanging.  She succumb to her injuries two days after her attempt.

Gia Allemand, death by suicide

Gia was one of the prettier girls to grace the sets of the reality dating game show from ABC, The Bachelor.  After that, she was also on the ABC sexed up spin-off, Bachelor Pad.  Thought admittedly, despite going on the Bachelor Pad, from her emotional bouts with the situations in Pad, I'm not sure she was cut out for that silliness.

She had recently participated in a Bachelor alumni of rejected game show contestants, where they got together to watch the finale of the latest rendition of ABC's dating series.  This was ten days prior to these sad events this week.


From the outside, looking in, things always seem pretty rosy.  Having been a Maxim model, on ABC's alumni crew from their dating shows, participated in a few indie film projects and having the looks many covet.

It seemed that if she wanted, the world was her oyster.  She was a beautiful woman.

But alas, what folks on the outside see, versus what's going on within can sometimes be two very different things.

I've experienced a couple of suicides of peers and they've always come out of nowhere.  Despite, looking back, the clues laid out for associates.

In one case, a man I knew, felt very alone, and yet his death filled a church to overflowing.

It's just a sad statement, to see what one self-perceives versus what really is.  And a shame that they take take this route to leave their troubles behind.

She sent out one last message or plea for help, on her Twitter account last Sunday that read,

"Doing what is right and fair pleases The Lord more than an offering."  (Quoting Proverbs 12:3.)

It's just a sad event, no matter who it is.  But when someone in the celebrity light brings something like this forward, maybe some good can be taken from it with the awareness this act brings with it.  Something good needs to come of this.  If not, and this final statement of hers, her suicide, will be all there is to the legacy she's leaving behind.


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