Bad News For Fans of 'The Glades,' Series Cancelled

I was JUST asked by a site fan if I knew anything about A and E's show, The Glades.

She said that the season finale ended on a cliffhanger note that would suck if the show was not renewed.

I just took a look, and I have bad, bad news for my inquiring visitor.

The Matt Passmore starring series was cancelled after having its fourth season being a bit of a lackluster of a turnout for ratings in the key demographics that advertisers like.

Which is kind of sad, being that this was the first successful series to last more than one season for the A and E network.


But be it as it may, Longmire is returning, as is Bates Motel.

Judging from the network's track record, I'd never get too comfortable with a show, even if it ends on a cliffhanger.  If they chop the legs out from under a show, so be it.

And if there's one thing I commiserate with, it's that fans don't deserve cliffhangers from cancelled shows.

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