'Big Brother' 15 Double Eviction Night (500th Ep)

Well, here we go... with Amanda and Spencer "on the block" on this episode of Big Brother.

For some reason, Amanda thinks GinaMarie (GM) will be a target in the house for nominating her.  (Get delusional often girl?) And that GM is "jealous" of her and McCrae and that's why she nominated her.  Per Queen Amanda.

This is a hoot.  Then we watch Amanda beg Elissa for her help in the vote.

Then suddenly, Elissa thinks it would be smarter to keep Amanda around and starts looking at this thing.  But when she tells Andy, he runs out the door and tells Spencer faster than it takes to say...  well, what I just wrote!

The vote, with Julie's silly monologue
Judd:   Amanda
McCrae: Spencer (SHOCKING!!!  LOL)
Elissa: Spencer (What an idiot)
Andy:   Amanda


Now GinaMarie (Head of Household) is the tiebreaker.  She steps up, puts on a blue baseball cap backwards, and says, "Amanda, get steppin'!" And gestures to the door.

Awesome... Amanda throws one last jab into the air, snapping at Andy about how she thinks she can trust him.


And THAT, is the end of McRanda.

Do you really think pizza boy and real estate girl will stay an item after this?


In her interview outside the BB door, Amanda says she's not a bully.  Seriously??????????

She said to Julie that McCrae is planning to move to Florida and move in with her. 


Now, we're at the HoH contest.  It's another stupidly themed game.  I can't take this.  But at least it's not Zingbot.

And of all people, McCrae wins HoH.

He nominates GinaMarie and Elissa for eviction.

And time for the Power of Veto contest.  It's a toy-in-slot kind of maze race game.

JUDD wins the PoV.  The speeches are in from our 'on the block' girls. And does not use the PoV.

Spencer votes out Elissa
Judd - Elissa
Andy - Elissa

And in the end, Elissa is voted out of the house.  All of it, off of BAD INFO that the house guests have about her actions in the house in previous weeks.

Why is Julie such a control freak over the players not being allowed to get their own bags out of the house?  Dang.  That's the beauty of humanity.  Isn't it?

And now poor Elissa has to put up with Amanda in the jury house.

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