'Big Brother' 15 For a Thursday Night (9-12) - Jury House and Veto For Their Lives

Judd heads out the door.  Spencer is upset, but Andy (Our new HoH) is happy since he trusts GinaMarie a wee bit more.

It's an ugly little house, when 3 out of the 4 house guests are against the 4th house guest.  Regardless, this episode of Big Brother whittles down the group to the final 3.

(OBSERVATION:  Anyone catch GinaMarie's Power of Veto speech in the last episode, where she gave a "shout out" to her modeling agency?  I'm guessing she still doesn't know she's been fired for her racist-like mode earlier in the season.)

Andy nominates McCrae and Spencer for eviction.  I know, shocking.


OH god, the Jury House... and all women and Judd.

Aaryn arrived at the jury house and "apologized" for her behavior in the house earlier in the season.

OMG, Amanda (in "Ho" pumps) shows up at the jury house.  I wonder if anyone has told her they don't look that good.  Or is everyone afraid of her?

Elissa shows up and more details come out about Andy tricking everyone and other deets.

And then, there's Judd showing up.  But Amanda is still making her usual stupid noise...  pitching for McCrae, despite the other folks perspectives on how he floated through the game, hiding behind Amanda's "skirt."

And to be honest, I think Spencer and GinaMarie have also floated, versus Andy's little devious stunts.


In the last Power of Veto contest, called "Web of Lies," is a memory test.

I can't tell if Andy has gotten more tense/angrier as we near the end of the season, or it's just my dis-colored glasses I'm seeing him through?

All four house guests compete at the same time, in their own sections.

Andy won the PoV.  Wow, hey you three, the fourth guy is still there and you'd think civility is a piece of human nature.

McCrae thinks he can still finagle his way into the final three.


Shocking as it seems, Andy did not use the PoV.

Now to evict...  The sole vote, from GinaMarie, is for McCrae to go join his other half in the Jury House.

DO YOU THINK McCRANDA will last outside, beyond the house and this game of social isolation?

So there ya have it... GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are the last three in the Big Brother 15 house.

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