'Big Brother' 15 HoH Battle, Nominations and What Amanda Does Today

Big Brother kicks off on Sunday night showing us the evil mode that Amanda is capable of, then picks up on the HoH competition.

After all was said and done, GinaMarie won HoH.  (I told'ya in my last update about that.)

After GM wins, Amanda does what Amanda is good at... be a b*!

I wonder if Amanda thinks her real estate agent career is going to stay alive after folks see her inner RE Agent demon?

Amanda goes right to work, angling her perspectives around the house.  And with every sentence that comes out of her mouth, you see how ugly this woman can seem to be.

Then Spencer and Judd are given their chicken suits.  (The latest Big Brother lame duck stunt, or chicken, I should say, is that the two lowers scoring players have to wear a chicken suit around the house.)

Amanda is pitching the, if "Elissa or Judd leaves, no one will be mad at you" pitch to GM.

Here's my recap of the middle section of the episode:


Wah!  Poor Me!  I've never been so bullied in my life.  More Wah!

Wah = crying.

What a .....  (Fill in your own word there.)


Luxury contest:  BB fills the house with balloons.  The first player to find a '1', '0' and a 'k' chip wins $10k.

Spencer, in his chicken suit, wins the $10k.

Good for him!


There's more Amanda noise, but we all know how that will go.

GinaMarie starts the nomination ceremony (and if you've seen my previous post, we all know who is already going up!!!  LOL...  I love it.)

But what I'm looking to see is just how Amanda (nominated with McCrae) will react?  She'll probably cuss everyone out or at least Elissa and GM.

(I typed that before they aired the noms!  Honest!)  One of the funniest nomination speeches (again, from GM), went as follows:

"You guys are a huge dymanic...   You guys are a huge dyman...  You guys are a huge dyman...    Arrrghggh...   You guys are a huge power couple."


Says she's "amazed the girl with no brain is the one that will get her out of the house."

- - - - - - - - -

So next episode, we learn who wins the VETO.


Wanna know who wins the VETO competition on Wednesday?







McCrae wins the veto...  Crap.  Well, let's see what happens.  Does he play it smart and officially distance himself from 'it,' or save her instead.  I hope he plays it smart.

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