'Big Brother' 15 Recap... The Final Three Rehash Old Crap

The usual Big Brother recap starts the episode, because you know, we can't remember anything that happened last time.

And then they tell us that this is going to be part recap and behind-the-scenes night too.

They show us when the Terminators told McCrae his fate, regardless of what he thought about trying.  Then we watched the 'final three' having a victory dinner provided by Big Brother.

Now we go back and rehash events from the season, like the "wine incident."  Dudes, we saw this already.  Then Rachel Gate (Elissa being her sister). 

We then rehashed the "hook ups."

Hey CBS, this is just like that memory lane crap in Survivor, except, these house guests have no where to walk to.

BORING... or do you, the viewer find this entertaining?  This is such a staged conversation.

CORRECTION:  OK, the segment showing everyone (well, the girls) balling their eyes out in the diary room was pretty damn funny.

So we get down to the last few minutes and then they start the Head of Household competition.

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