'Big Brother 15' Season Finale - And The Winner Is...

Just in case....  SPOILERS!!!

We get ourselves a great recap of the ugly and the fun.  But we have the three-phase Big Brother HoH contest.  With that said, Spencer falls out first, and GinaMarie wins this first round.

The second round is Spencer against Andy.  But this challenge is a memory and physical challenge.  But the editing shows Spencer falling apart physically and being able to tackle the physical part.

Part two of the HoH challenge was won by Andy, who did it in just over 21 minutes.  Spencer took 36 minutes.


Dr. Will visits the jury house.  He introduces McCrae as the 8th juror and they chat about who they think had the better game play this season.

SIDE NOTE:  I just discovered that Andy was let go from his part-time teaching job at College of DuPage.

That makes three folks who lost their jobs because of their behavior in the house!  GinaMarie and Aaryn, from their modeling jobs. Spencer would have been fired, but he's union, so I'm not sure how that will end up.


The final HoH round had GinaMarie and Andy facing off.  And ANDY is the final Head of Household winner!

Andy's final "leg sweep" tonight, was evicting Spencer from the Big Brother house, making him the 9th jury member.

So now it's up to the jury.

(Hey CBS, during the Julie Chen interview of Spencer, YOU NEED TO TURN OFF THE HOUSE FEED so we only hear the interview and not Andy and GM also.  Just sayin!)


Now we watch GM and Andy get grilled by the jury...

GM said her biggest game move was putting up McRanda.

Andy's was being aligned with McCranda and reporting to them all the inside info he had in the house.

GM's toughest moment was when her boyfriend went home.

Why should they vote for Andy...  He was instrumental throughout the entire game.

Candice to GM:  Why give GM the money, considering what she called people in specific moments.

Jesse to Andy... why did you lie to everyone, knowing he needs the votes. - He kept everyone in the dark to keep his backside covered.

Spencer to Andy... why give him the money:  Because of his strong game and he kept his word to GM from day one of the game.  (But wait, didn't he give everyone his word???)


The speeches were as expected.  GinaMarie stammered and got a bit cloudy.  She more or less said she is who she is.  Andy's, very calculated and expressive statement, made it clear he played the game and got things done in the game.

With that said, the votes were delivered.

But no, why let us know right away.  Instead, we draw out the 90-minute ep with some statements from the early evicted players on the controversy in the house, that being the racist perspectives we've heard about.

Julie tells the gang their language made national headlines, but did not expound.  (Do you realize that the final two are now both jobless?  Good thing they're both bringing home some cash!)

The votes went like this:

Spencer - Andy
McCrae - Andy
Judd - GinaMarie
Elissa - Andy
Amanda - Andy
Aaryn - GinaMarie
Helen - Andy
Jessie - Andy
Candice - Andy

And America's Player was Elissa Slater.


Hey, CBS renewed Big Brother, so....

Do you want a chance to be on the next season of Big Brother?  >  cbs.com/bigbrother

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