'Big Brother' 15 Sunday Recap, After the Double-Eviction Night...

Well, with little new 'goings on' in the Big Brother house, we get a recap of the last double eviction episode.  Sigh.

A lot of it was watching Andy's hard misdirection, including some out-right lying.


This quickie double-eviction process looked like a desperate, vicious frenzy of house guests begging the Hoh and Veto holder.

Boy, wait till they see the show afterwards.

Though it was sad to see Elissa beg to not be voted out.

Andy is a little lying shit.

The rest of the people in the house seemed to be spineless kiss ups to the forces in power.  This group holds no sway over me, except now, I can watch this group self-destruct as the numbers whittle down.

That will be my entertainment for the next few weeks.


And now the group is conspiring about McCrae, as they laugh about how he can't compete in the next HoH.

That being said, the next HoH contest came up.

Andy was eliminated first.  Then Judd, then GinaMarie, making Spencer the new HoH.


Spencer's first role as HoH was to hand out these silly-ass "gifts."

GM and McCrae are tied together at the wrist.

Andy gets a chance to win $5k.

JUdd gets a "health" gift.  A taped drill sgt yells at Judd every now and then to do push ups and what not.

All these "gifts" last 24 hours.

What's interesting is that Spencer was very tactical in his choices.  He attached McCrae and GM so he wouldn't be attached to Judd because he doesn't trust Judd or what these two might come up with.

Of course McCrae tries to play up his connection with GM, but she's just stalling



Andy only won somewhere in the lot of $95 in his bid to win $5k.


Spencer nominates McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction!

Unless McCrae wins PoV, he's screwed by this pack.  And then they turn on themselves.  That's what I'm waiting for.

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