'Breaking Bad' Recap of "Rabid Dog" (And he's definitely Rabid!)

This is a recap of episode 12, "Rabid Dog," of Breaking Bad.  After this episode, we  only have four episodes left!


When last we saw Jesse (Aaron Paul) on Breaking Bad, he was dousing the inside of Walter's (Bryan Cranston) house with gasoline.  Walter went and grabbed a gun from a hidden frozen location and went to confront him.

Breaking Bad - rabid dog recap - pictured, bryan cranston as walter white

It seems obvious that Walter is readily able to kill Jesse, if need be.

Is this the first time Walter has actively stepped forward actually holding a gun and not maneuvered anyone else into doing his own killing for him?

(Maybe not... didn't he pop one of Gus's men in the lab some time back? Oh yea, and Mike.  Grrr.)

Well, Walt can't find him, but finds Saul's (Bob Odenkirk) car in the front driveway.

While Walter is looking at the car, more of that fantastic cinematography kicks in, and we see kids riding by on the foreground on their bikes.

Another contrast of pure evil versus the innocence of children.


Walter lies through his teeth to Sky (Anna Gunn) and Walt Jr (RJ Mitte) why the house was doused in gas... but is it a good enough excuse or will Sky suspect.

Nope... nada.  Sky is on to Walt.

And Sky tells him he needs to deal with Jesse, how ever it takes.


The episode jumps back in time to see why Jesse never burned Walt's house down.

It turns out that Hank (Dean Norris) interrupted Jesse in the process, and Jesse is swayed by Hank, saying that they can bring Walt down together. (Hank was following him)

BIG BREAK FOR HANK!!!  (Or at least it seems that way.)

But will Jesse stay mentally solvent enough to help Hank out?


Marie (Betsy Brandt) is seeing a shrink about this whole thing.  OMG!  Hey, guess what?  Marie was not actually wearing any purple!!!

Uh ho...  Hank takes Jesse to his place. Marie is pretty OK with it, as long as it results in the destruction of Walter.

Hank intercepts Walt's voice mail to Jesse.


Jesse wakes up, Marie asks him if he wants coffee.  What a precious visual, Jesse drinking coffee from an DEA coffee cup.

Breaking Bad - rabid dog recap - pictured, aaron paul as jesse pinkman

Hank starts to interview Jesse with a video camera, chronicling his past with Walter White.

Then Hank convinces Jesse to wear a wire on a meeting with Walter.  And Hank doesn't care if Jesse gets killed by Walter, because that will be evidence.

We watch Jesse walking in to see Walter in a mall, but Jesse sees Saul's guy off in the corner, or at least someone he thought was Saul's guy.

Jesse bails, but tells Walter over the phone he's going to take him down.  And Jesse tells Hank he has a smarter way to take down Walter.

The Breaking Bad episode ends with Walter calling Todd, saying he has another job for his uncle.


Another episode loaded with developments, angling towards the last four episodes of the series.

It looks like Hank might finally be getting the upper hand on Walter, and in the process, he also brought his old partner, Steven Gomaz (Steven Michael Quezada) into the mix.

It's good to see Hank bringing more folks into the fold, and possibly, developing a team to go up against and bring down Walter.

Walter continues to sicken viewers with his willing lies to his family, and now, his seemingly easy willingness to call a hit on Jesse, if that's what he did in that last scene.

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