Can 'Under the Dome' Really Crank Out a Good Second Season?

When Under the Dome came to CBS, I was pretty good with the idea of this Stephen King book coming to TV for the summer.  And the show was initially fairly entertaining.

And knowing what's to come, I was doubly good about it.

Dean Norris in 'Under the Dome'

But when I heard that the show was renewed for a second season, I started to wonder how the heck they will draw out this finite situation through a second season?

At first I thought this would be a lot like Jericho was, but without the ability to travel around.   It would be about a town struggling to survive a difficult situation.  And through it all, the townspeople would start to either divide or come together, depending on the situation.

And if anything, Stephen King can create some fairly great and entertaining or challenging characters within his stories.  It's his edge as far as I'm concerned.  But as one peer once said, sometimes he (King) can draw things out forever and day.

But what King does with drawing things out, may be nothing compared to how a network will dance through the 'second season hoops' to draw a single book out for more than a single season.  I call it The Hunger Games/Twilight syndrome, where the studio greed sucks fans into something and makes multiple projects out of a single book/volume.

And after the renewal news, and the story in Under the Dome hit the midway mark of the season, it seemed to suddenly start having oddball angles start to pop up in the story.  The townspeople started to develop all kinds of interesting angles.  New characters started popping up out of nowhere, people start killing each other, and all of it, based around an egg that runs a few kids in the town.

And "Big" Jim, played by Dean Norris, is driving me crazy.  But that's a good thing.

But as the season finale of this first season of the show is approaching (next Monday), I have to wonder if it will be a cliffhanger or just a good end to the season, leaving us looking for more next season?

And what are they going to do with next season?  How will that get drawn out?

I'm losing my faith in the show being able to carry itself through a second season, but heck, I could be wrong.  But this last third of the season, if it's any clue to season two, could force Under the Dome over the shark.

If you must know about the book/story that this show is based on, do a web search and hit up the Wikipedia article and it pretty much spells it out.  (But if you don't like spoilers, DON'T do it.)  Of course the show runners say they will veer off from the book, but I don't trust those folks.  They spill what viewers want to hear or to keep you off balance about what is up.

Case in point, back when Jim Beaver's character died in Supernatural, first, we heard he renewed his contract and he isn't going anywhere.  Then his character was killed off within months of that misleading statement.  So ya, I don't trust showrunners anymore. 

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