'Defiance' Game Gets A Revamp

Despite the huge Defiance marketing hoopla of having a TV series playing alongside a video game, and having both impacting each other's story line in some fashion, it seems that game itself hasn't been the big hit that Syfy and Trion Worlds was hoping for.

With that said, now the word on the street is that the game is getting revamp of sorts as there will be some changes applied to the game itself.

They have some changes in mind for weapons, shields, inventory, the social system and the UI.

(Hmm, did they leave anything out?)

These changes are so numerous, it has me wondering if the game can pull players back into the world of Defiance, at least online.

The premise seemed cute, but with TV production processes as they are, getting events from a game into an episode seemed unwieldy.  And in my mind, events from the game may very well take way too long for players to enjoy the cross-over effect.

The only benefit of the two media platforms being joined, is events in the series making it into the game much quicker, since they could coordinate story points with game play.

At this stage of the game, this untrained eye seems to think the game itself might not survive as well as the creative team would hope.  At least not in its present format/cooperative mode with the show.

{Defiance Community}

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