'Fifty Shades of Grey' Fans Turn their Noses Up at Hunnam and Johnson

Apparently fans of sex bondage... I mean Fifty Shades of Grey are just as snippy as the Batman/anti-Affleck fans were.

Charlie Hunnam to be in Fifty Shades of Grey, despite petition

It seems fans have taken to Change.org to start a petition to remove Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson from the roles they've been chosen to play in the movie adaptation of the book franchise of rich man's bondage games.

I see that the fans...  mind you... fans who aren't part of the movie production or casting process itself, would prefer to see Matt Bomer and Alexis Biedel in the star roles of the movie.

There are at least 27k "signatures" so far on the site.

Hmm, so the last time I checked, petitions are great tools for political platforms, not the arts and and entertainment world.  (27,000 out of a population of the U.S., of 313 million folks, is almost .009% of the population folks.  Keep going!)

But let's think about this folks.

Charlie Hunnam in 'Pacific Rim'

One of the producers of the movie, is E.L.James.  The author.  And one of the other producers of the movie is also backing the casting call.

I have to wonder what other roles of a serious nature that Charlie Hunnam has pulled off?  Or what is it that the producers and director of Shades of Grey see in Hunnam that makes them want him in their lead role?

Charlie Hunnam as Jax, in Sons of Anarchy.

Maybe, juuuust maybe, fans should have faith.  Just have a little faith and see what happens.

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