James Spader Fans Jazzed He'll Be Playing Ultron

I AM SURE you heard this news... but if you didn't...

News just hit the street from Marvel itself that James Spader has landed the role of Ultron in the upcoming sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Light Spoilers Ensue...

I was just reading some "cute" news a few days ago about the role of Ultron from another site that had no real source, where they said that Paul Bettany would be playing Ultron because Ultron will be Jarvis gone bad.

(Cute, defined as Bulls***!)

Their news had a tiny pinpoint of validity because Marvel keeps reporting that unlike the classic Ultron from the comics, who was created by Hank Pym, here in the movie, he is not a creation of Pym's.

So this has everyone conjecturing what the hell is up.


Spader is hitting it big these days with that A-hole mode he can so effortlessly portray.

He has a new show coming out this season where he plays a serial killer on The Blacklist.  In past roles I've seen him in, he's always effectively pissed me off as the arrogant rich snoob/know-it-all antagonist.

And now, he's playing Ultron.  OMG, I hate Ultron more now than I did five minutes ago.

But this also has me wondering something just how annoying Ultron will be?

And will Ultron have his classic look or will he be more human looking in the movie?  Marvel has been making some great movie-based alterations to various characters throughout, so hey, anything is possible.  And Spader would make that much easier to hate the machine!

Ultron also can be a great pinging point for bring Jocasta into the fray, but that's just something I've been wondering personally in the background.

Jocasta ended up becoming like the female version of Jarvis, but she has a long history up to that point, and at some point, she starts all kinds of problems for everyone involved.  Eh, it's complicated, but I've always been wondering.

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News Source: Marvel.
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