Miley Cyrus Says We're Over Thinking Her Acting Like a "HO" on Stage

Let me get this straight... 

One has a mild track record of trashing up their image, but it's crap that just gets swept under the rug after time.  No biggie.  Most ignore the little tirades and move on.  Time seems to make all people/fans forget.

So then one decides to go out on one of the biggest stages there is, the VMA awards, and cranks out some questionable crap you'd expect from an younger Madonna, or something you'd see on the video feed from the Howard Stern show.

Well, Miley, all dressed to the respectful-nines for a video says we're all over-thinking how people are responding to her questionable character on stage, saying she wasn't thinking much when she did it, because that's just her.

Oh, and that she saw it as "making history."



She goes on to say in a video interview how many others before her have done something overboard like this.  She tosses out Madonna, Brittany, and a few other names.  Because, you know, if someone else did it, then it's OK for this lemming to do it.  Right?

I mean, Al Capone and thousands of others have robbed banks... so what the heck!  I'm all in!

I love how she adds that it's "Just me."

As if anyone needed any proof of intelligence behind the act.


As far as I'm concerned, though I'm having fun bashing on the wanna-be porn star, my take on the whole thing is this:

Her fans have seen her do things like this before.  She probably won't lose too many from this stunt.

She might even convert some wanna-be Madonna and Lady Gaga fans with her little on-stage gyration shockers!

And for those who were never her fans, never wanted to be her fans and what not, this VMA stunt will just help solidify their perspective to stay away.

There, I finally snapped and said something.
There's a quick vid clip at the link if interested.

{source: TV Guide}

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