PTC complains About 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere

I knew that sooner or later, someone was going to rev up and bitch about the Sons of Anarchy season six premiere this week.  And that someone was the "Parents Television Council."

(Oh god, don't look, it's an image of a fictional whore from Sons of Anarchy!!!)

Their bitch-fest goes as follows:

They were all up in arms about the graphic nature of the premiere that demonstrated rape, a child murdering school mates, and death by urine.

(OH, wait!!  Which rape scenes were they talking about?  The prison rape scene, or the movie filming rape scene?)

Also in their complaint, they push off the responsibility of adult TV viewers by saying that "Changing the channel is simply not enough – that’s a lazy excuse..." blah, blah blah.

They're using this one example to push congress to force/allow cable companies to offer Ala-carte offerings, or, to enforce the Video CHOICE Act, which pretty much says consumers can pay for specific channels so they can avoid situations like what took place with the premiere of SoA.


(An image of a drug king pin/mass murderer from Breaking Bad.  Oh no!)

I guess I first have to take a step back and wonder where the PTC has been for the last five seasons of Sons of Anarchy?  I wonder what they thought a show about a gun-running, drug-dealing biker gangs was going to deliver?  Poetry reading by the campfire?

And being what it is, were they actually watching?  Or do they have nothing better to do than to watch shows they don't want to, so they can complain?

Or if they haven't watched it, why are they complaining?

And sure, the CHOICE Act sounds great... and then cable companies can break every single channel out into a special charge "entertainment tier" for their consumers to make more money.

PTC says they'd like the option to not have to pay FX their cable fees from viewers because of this.  (I wonder if they've been watching AMC lately, with the drug world of Breaking Bad, the desperate dark and seedy side of Low Winter Sun?  Just to name a few.)

My god, I bet they have a heart attack tuning into HBO, STARZ and the like...  come on, you know it.  Some or many of these folks probably pay up for their pay movie channels that have gratuitous "activity" planted all over most of their TV programming.

The down side to their attack is that they're singling out hugely popular shows that are pulling in and setting records on TV.  But what about the little guys who do the same thing?  Why don't we hear about them?


My first and best reply is that responsible TV watching lies within the family.  It's plain and simple.  FX/SoA puts up warning banners to warn viewers of the upcoming content.  Hell, even CBS puts up warnings about Big Brother.  LOL.  And what about all the cop shows with the various degrees of crimes and murder.  It's implied.  Should we not hide our heads from that too?

And I don't care what they say.  Yes, it is up to the household to change the channel and not the government.  Too many people sit back and look outside their home for their own levels of responsibilities.  Get with it and take the reigns folks.

Oh, and the FTC let this slide, so I think the first party that the PTC needs to go after is that organization.

But seriously.

I know people who don't watch The Vampire Dairies or Supernatural because of the light levels of gore there.  Oh, god, yes, they take control of their own television transmissions.  So I know there are select and picky folks who exercise intelligence with that remote in their hand.

Mayhaps some folks should look inward rather than blaming everything outside their four walls? 

But hey, how do I really feel?

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