'Survivor: Blood Vs Water' Comes Out Strong, But Becomes the Usual Noise...

I bet some of you can't believe it, but this is the 27th season of Survivor starting up, called Blood vs. Water, where loved ones are facing off against each other.

Survivor: Blood Vs Water premiere recap

The game started out with a few quick change ups and surprises.  It starts right after with an immediate eviction from the island, and Laura (Rupert's wife) is voted out of the tribe by the newbies, as Rupert called them.  For the returning players, Candice was voted off from the tribe.

But they're not out of the game... because Redemption Island is BACK!

But one more twist...  Jeff Probst offers Rupert the opportunity to take his wife's place, and she takes his place on his team.

Candice's hubby John, does not replace her on the island, saying she can beat Rupert. 


On Redemption Island, Rupert is just lying around, pissing off Candice while she does everything there.  His plan, let her wear herself out.


It's at this point that things return to the format we've all come to know over the last 27 "seasons" of Survivor.

First immunity challenge and the new players showed up the returning players like they weren't even in the same league.  Oh, and even though Colton said he wants to change his image, the old Colton showed up during the challenge while he yelled at his teammate.

But in the last phase of the challenge, the returning players started to show up.  Puzzles were the down fall of the newbies, boom!  Veterans have immunity.


Oh, I forgot, the newbie tribe has this self-professed, incredible, brilliant plan of an alliance.  Wait for it... because we've never heard of this idea before (this season), an all man alliance.  Yep... astounding, isn't it?


The first person voted out at tribal council was Merissa.  (Her uncle put her in the spotlight.)


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