'The Killing' Cancelled by AMC... Again

Well, I don't know about you, but this third season of The Killing seemed to hit its stride that it originally did in its first season.  But maybe there were too many unsub misdirects in the season to keep folks watching, because literally, the bad guy was a last-minute discovery.

Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman in The Killing, series cancelled by AMC

If they had brought the perp into the story sooner, and created the challenge of our detectives dealing with the pursuit of the individual themselves, this might have been a season with just a bit more pop.

But be it as it may, the ratings for the show were just a notch too low for the average viewership for the season itself.

Hence, AMC has chopped The Killing once again.

But I find this to be a bit of a rude series cancellation.

Considering that in the season finale, it was a rather shocking ending, we had a myriad of directions this series could have gone in the subsequent season.

Yet despite the raging success of it's inspiration, the Danish series this show was based on, AMC's team botched the momentum this show had at the end of its first season and despite fans wanting it back, it never recovered.

This is on AMC's team for screwing over the first season finale by trying to draw out a single murder across two seasons, and making the second season nothing but filler material.

Viewers returned, but not enough to make the show a four-season hit.

And that's a bummer.  I liked the characters that Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman brought to the screen.  And Peter Sarsgaard really brought it home with his serial killer character.  Wow.  Talk about keeping us guessing.

Well, that's that.  Again, for The Killing.

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