'True Blood' Cancelled, Series to End in 2014

Apparently the ratings have faded well enough that HBO is looking to put an end to their vampire hit series, True Blood!

Yes, it's true you fangers out there.

HBO announced today they are cancelling True Blood and its seventh season next year (2014) will be its last.  The final season will consist of ten episodes.

Alan Ball had been at the helm of the series for the first five seasons, but stepped back and a new showrunner took over for this, the sixth season, to Brian Buckner.  And he will stay on to end the show's run in 2014.

And if you follow the series, you know it's been a rather fun and bumpy ride with the residents of Bon Temps, be it vampire, shape shifter, werewolf or faerie!

From Sookie (Anna Paquin), the waitress who is rarely at her job, to the poor and beleagured Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer, Anna's real husband), who went from protector to god, to back to regular, every day vampire again.

Then there was Eric Northman (Alexander SkarsgÄrd), who was an ass of a sect leader at first, but who softened up over the seasons, to one of my least-liked, to now, more favorite characters of Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley).

I really was starting to like how Tara developed.

What I don't get is why the series is coming to an end, since the press release quotes ratings at "an average gross audience of 10.6 million viewers per episode."  And they call it one of HBO's most popular series.

To be honest, that sales pitch confuses me and does not set well with me.

If it really is one of the nets most popular series, I don't think they'd be cancelling it.

Or mayhaps, it's best to end on a high note.

I say that because it did seem that they pretty much ran through most of their characters potentials, added a sufficient number of new ones, and for them to actually stay entertaining, I was wondering what they would do that would not seem too hokey.

Well, hokey for a fantasy series where vampires exist and have become a part of society, that is.


I thought when the season finale for the sixth season of True Blood aired, it was a weird episode.

FINALE SPOILER for the time-shifted viewer


Rather than keep us in suspense through most of the episode, the story resolution slammed us in the face within 15 minutes or so, then popped six months into the future where everything had become peaches for our beloved stars.

Well, except for a few little cliff-hanger problems they left us with.

Hence, I guess this is it.  Next season, with only ten episodes left, we have to see where they take and finish everyone off at.


If you have not seen the sixth season finale, DO NOT LOOK BELOW:








As far as that final scene with Eric on the mountain and Bill's powers having faded from everyone that was "infected" with them, I do not think Eric will vaporize.

The only reason I say that is that we did not see him die and burst into a blood splatter pool on the snow.

We only saw him screaming and, well, on fire.

OK, that's a bit bad for a vampire.  But still...

I think he buries himself under the snow to hide from the sun and lives on in the final season of True Blood.  He has to.  Doesn't he?

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