'Agents of SHIELD' 2nd Episode Review - 10 Things We Saw or Learned

The 2nd episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD titled "0-8-4," has aired and there's been a slight improvement over the pilot episode.

'Agents of SHIELD' episode "0-8-4" recap

This time around during the story, Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and gang are sent to find what turns out to be a tesseract-powered item from Peru.  Our team of agents had to deal with what was referred to as an "0-8-4."  The same category that Thor's hammer was put in.

The team faced off against a small army, retrieved the item, but had their airbus hijacked.  They manage to resolve the situation, (of course), and we get to catch a cameo the the man himself, Col Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), yelling at Coulson about the hole in the side of the plane.  (If you saw the episode, you know what I'm talking about.)  (And if you follow this site's Facebook page, you saw my warning earlier today about the eye-patch showing up!)

1) In the end, it seems that Skye (Chloe Bennet) is a mole for the Rising Tide group.  If that text she got at the end of the episode is any clue.


What Did We Take Away from this latest episode of Agents of SHIELD?

2) The characters are still over-quipping their humor, but not as bad as it was in the pilot.  Still, it's a bit obvious.

3) Coulson again references getting skewered by Loki and yet one more time, Coulson calls Tahiti a "magical place."

4) Um, guys, ABC, we got that already. Tahiti is "magical."  Do you not trust us to remember?

5) The team actually started understanding a little about each other.

6) May (Ming-Na Wen) is some super legend called "The Calvary."  She doesn't want to talk about or ever called that.

7) As is the case with other aspects of the story, May's mysterious status is hinted at repeatedly throughout the ep.  Her back story could be a wonderful mystery like Shepherd Book was on Firefly.

8) Just about everyone on the team thinks Skye is excess baggage and does not belong on the team.

9) We discovered that a flimsy (I assume) inflatable life raft can seal a huge hole in the side of an airplane.

10) Fitz-Simmons need sub-titles sometimes!  I swear!


Do you know why I keep watching Agents of SHIELD?  Because historically speaking, Whedon projects ALWAYS tend to mature to the point of being a great piece of entertainment as the character ensembles mature.

But they also always take time to get to the point of sucking in the viewer to the overall scheme of the group and their struggles.

I'm waiting for that, so my jury is still out on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

UPDATE: But there was a 34% drop in overnight ratings in the 18-49 demo, and almost 8.5 million viewers tuned in.  Down from the 11.9M that tuned in from its first episode.

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