Recap of 'Agents of SHIELD' "Girl in the Flower Dress" (Ep 1.6)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap - Ruth Negga and Louis Ozawa Changchien pictured

In the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, titled "Girl in the Flower Dress," a woman in a floral dress chats up a young man with an apparent unique skill with fire.  But she's just an agent looking to capture him.  Reason, unknown at the onset of the episode.

SHIELD becomes alerted to his abduction and while talking with the local authorities, discover that the Rising Tide has been hacking the law enforcement networks.

Everyone stares at Skye.  (LOL)


The group that kidnapped our meta-human pitches him that he can be more than just the street performer like he is.

He seems to buy it.

SHIELD tracks down the hacker and loses him in traffic, but then we discover that Skye was waiting for him... at his home.

Apparently the big Rising Tide hacker is Skye's "man."

After they "bonk," Skye's worried about SHIELD and needs to get going.  She can't find her blouse, but Agent May is in the next room, holding it up, asking her if this is what she's looking for?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, "Girl in the Flower Dress" - Clark Gregg pictured

Coulson IS NOT happy.


Turns out our meta-human was kidnapped by a group working on fine tuning the Extremis tech.

Coulson has Skye and her hacker boyfriend handcuffed in the plane's holding cell.

Coulson and May go in to save our meta-human, Chan.  But this Extremis group, called Centipede, gets the edge on Chan, and it goes horribly wrong, forcing Coulson and May to overload Scorch (Yes, Chan called himself Scorch) and destroy him.


Coulson let's "hacker boy" go... in Hong Kong (he's on his own for getting back home to the states) and has a serious sit down with Skye.  She admits to searching for her parents and the only thing she can find is a redacted document.  Redacted by SHIELD.

The episode closes with our mystery flower girl, Raina,  updating some mystery man (who is behind bars) what happened and how close they are to achieving their goal with the Extremis tech.

The mystery deepens!

- - -

I finally think the show has hit its stride and is no longer the stiff, awkward child stumbling through the dark to discover itself.

The writing is starting to gel just enough to start feeling entertaining. There's no more overt humor or too many insinuated clues.

Well... this week, yet again, there were only a few hints/reminders about Coulson's situation, with notes about his having excess energy and once again, Coulson references his getting skewered by Loki.

Team, we get it.  Leave it be or the reveal will just become meh!

Otherwise, I think Agents of SHIELD is getting better each week.

And oh, my, god...  are we ever going to trust Skye again or what?

= = =

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